Bernadette Cajigal

Bernadette Cajigal Music Therapy in Sydney

Music Therapy

Bernadette Cajigal holds a Master of Creative Music Therapy with Distinction from Western Sydney University, and is a Registered Music Therapist with the Australian Music Therapy Association. She is also a certified Neurologic Music Therapist.

Bernadette has loved music for longer than she can remember, and has always wanted to help people. When she found music therapy, she knew it was a match made in heaven! Bernadette’s main instruments are piano, guitar, and voice. She has been playing these for over 25 years, close to 15 years, and since she could speak, respectively. She has a few other instruments under her belt, but these days, mostly plays her main instruments and a lot of hand percussion.

Bernadette specialises in working with children and their families with an approach that empowers them by helping them to utilise the resources they already have and equipping them with new ones. She is experienced in both health and disability sectors, currently working in early childhood early intervention, as well as with adults in hospitals. Previously, she has also worked with people in aged care, children and adolescents in autism-specific schools, and children and adults with a disability.