Nick Andreopoulos

Nick Andreopoulos is a Drum teacher Sydney.

Drum Teacher

Nick is a full time drummer and teacher who is equally passionate about his craft as he is with histeaching, constantly developing both elements of his career while unlocking and developing thepotential of his students.

Nick has studied at JMC Academy majoring in drums undergoing the contemporary performancecourse as well as learning from some of the best drum teachers both locally and internationally.

Nick has been teaching professionally for the last 10 years in music schools, primary and high schools around Sydney and conducts drum lessons featuring music therapy and song writing for participants under the NDIS/Leap In program. Nick has guided students through to completing the AMEB syllabus, as well as assisted them with their music and drumming related school assessments.

Nick has developed his own teaching system which couples with the student’s own goals and desires to ensure a linear progression. Nick meets the student’s needs and intentions in order to ensure fun and engaging lessons creating value.

Performance wise Nick has toured Australia in various bands, played on cruise ships in addition to the usual Sydney cover gig scene, weddings and corporate events. Nick is also a recording drummer, writing and recording drums for songwriters and bands around Sydney.

When he isn’t teaching or performing he’s working on his original music and drumming podcast, it’s constant drum madness.