Marcella Felicia

Marcella is a Violin Teacher at Sydney's Inner West Institute of Music.

Violin & Viola Teacher

Aurell Marcella Felicia is a classical violinist and violist from Surabaya, Indonesia and is currently studying in Australian Institute of Music. She started playing violin since the age of 7 under the guidance of Welly Liando, then Shienny Kurniawati, and is currently learning under guidance of Finna Kurniawati in Indonesia and Matt Bruce in Australia. She also plays viola, self-taught since 2017, and been learning even more. She played viola the first time when her teacher, Finna need her to play in an event back then, and she has been playing both viola and violin in orchestra since.

Aurell joined her first concert when she was 10, The Handel: Messiah Concert in 2010. She is also a first violinist and violist in the String Orchestra of Surabaya and has been playing under the baton of Addie M.S., Avip Priatna, and Ananda Sukarlan. In Sydney, she plays in the orchestra as a violist in Sydney Youth Orchestra 2022, first violinist in Sydney Concert Orchestra, violist in Balmain Simfonia, and violist in G20 Orchestra. She also has collaborated with Sam Haywood (UK), Prof, Nigel Clayton (RCM), Dr Imma Setiadi (RCM), and Gia Jashvili (Georgia). In 2019, Aurell participated in Singapore Violin Festival studying under Prof. Boris Garlitsky (Russia), Prof. Moni Simeonov (Bulgaria), Prof. Xie Nan (China). She has also attended a private masterclasses with Prof. Yin Ke (Singapore), Prof. Boris Garlitsky (Russia), Prof. Xie Nan (China), and Gia Jashvili (Georgia).