Marina Gorinova

Marina Gorinova Violin Teacher

Violin Teacher in Sydney

Marina is a classically trained violinist with 10 years of private tutoring experience. Born into a family of professional musicians, she began playing the violin at the age of 4.

After graduating from Petrozavodsk State Conservatory in Russia in 2015 with a specialization in “Concert performer, orchestra artist, ensemble artist, teacher,” Marina has dedicated herself to a music career, focusing on symphony orchestras and international projects.

Marina has been a part of respected symphony orchestras in St. Petersburg and she performed with various ensembles in different music styles (classical, blues, rock, etc.). She has also participated in international orchestra projects and tours in England, Italy, France, Norway, and Finland.

With years of teaching experience, Marina has worked with students aged 6 to 55, ranging from beginners to advanced players. Whether online or in person, she takes pride in nurturing her students’ musical growth and fostering their love for art.