Max Roberts

Double Bass Teacher

Double Bass Teacher

I have taught adults who needed reminding to insert their teeth, and kids who didn’t speak English and hadn’t met a westerner before (I speak fluent Chinese). I’ve played for people in ties, and for people in nursing homes.

The great thing about learning bass is you get to play with, and for, everyone.

I’ve played with a ukulele orchestra, classical ensembles, far out jazz trios, swing groups, folk duos and heavy metal cover bands. I’ve played Coldplay, JS Bach, AC/DC and Miles Davis, everywhere from Scruffy Murphy’s to the Opera House. All on bass!

I’m patient with fussy students, firm with cheeky students, encouraging with shy students and inspiring to bored students. I’d love to teach you bass.

I have a Bachelor of Music and Media Studies, and an Associate Diploma in Performance. I’ve played in orchestras and as a soloist in Australia, Japan and China.