Wallis Wan

Piano Teacher at Inner West Institute of Music

Piano Teacher

Wallis had her first music lessons with her primary school keyboard club and has since developed her love for music into a fully-fledged craft. It was particularly throughout high school that this was fostered; by the final year of her secondary education, she had received an Encore nomination, performance opportunities in her schools’ Performing Arts Festival and Presentation Day, as well as ranked 1st within her school for her Music Extension unit.

Wallis’ piano lessons aim to cater to the student’s learning style and musical motivations. She believes in exercising both the creative and logical mind and implements this in her music pedagogy to help her students develop a set of well-rounded skills. This encompasses guiding them to make musically conscious decisions and technical awareness in their playing as well as thorough understanding of music theory.

At current, Wallis is ambitiously studying a Bachelor of Music Studies at The Sydney Conservatorium of Music, combined with a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) at The University of Sydney.