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January 6, 2017
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AMEB General Knowledge requirements

AMEB General Knowledge requirements

During AMEB exams , the examiner will ask you some specific questions about your Main list Pieces (not the extra lists).

Generally you should make yourself familiar with all the Terms and Signs in your music , Some info on the composer who wrote the piece , the title of the piece (if its in a particular style or is a part of a larger work perhaps) , The Form , Keys , Key signature and Time Signature.

In the Higher Grades , Also add your knowledge of modulations , the style and period that your piece came from , the contemporaries of the composer , and perhaps some history of your instrument that comes from the period of the composition.

In some cases if you are using AMEB printed books , there can already be an accompanying book with all this information , otherwise the information has to be researched or bought elsewhere.

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