February 27, 2018

Compare… and Despair

Comparison is human nature, and the temptation to compare ourselves to others is particularly strong in Musical World. A lot of people play a musical instrument. A lot of people play that instrument really, really well. And learning to cope […]
February 25, 2018

How Music Affects your Brain

We’re strong supporters of solid music tuition and it’s effect on the brain. Watch this incredible talk on how this happens!
February 23, 2018

Practicing in a Routine

Back to school, back to practice and back to the frantic daily routine! If Flight of the bumblebee is your mental soundtrack right now and getting back into the swing of things is not as easy as it could be, you may […]
February 22, 2018

February Featured Student – Sienna Walker

Our wonderful featured student for February is Sienna Walker.  Sienna is 10 years old, in year 6 at school, and is learning 3rd Grade Violin with Victoria Jacono-Gilmovich. Sienna first discovered she wanted to play music at the age of […]