Ear Training Classes

Listening is the key to understanding. There’s a vast range of techniques we can use to extract the sounds we want to hear, and these filters can teach us how to pay attention, how to embrace and analyse the sounds we hear and give them meaning, to contemplate, ask relevant questions, how to respond effectively in a group, and the list goes on.


During our classes, we explore the world of sound and silence through acoustics, tone colour, layers in a piece, compositional techniques, ensemble rehearsal techniques, and ‘listen-respond’ exercises for all levels. Essentially, we want to develop skills to intentionally connect our inner selves with the world around us, and to achieve this we want to learn how to first listen to ourselves, so that we will in turn feel connected with our bodies, our musical instruments, the sounds we hear and finally the sounds we produce. And to listen consciously, experience internally and then express, is a musician’s dream. However, when we use music and sound to create a conscious connection within ourselves and with others, we develop a skill valuable beyond the practise room or the stage.


15-60 minutes


$25-$80 plus GST depending on lesson length


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