Welcome to Kidzrock! Kids love the idea of playing music. They love the thought of being on stage playing to a cheering crowd. Historically, the only way to achieve this was through years of music lessons, hours of practice, and perseverance. But what if there was an easier way? There is. Hello Kidzrock!


Kidzrock minimizes the challenges that come with this age group. short attention spans and developing fine motor skills Kidzrock makes instruments and ensemble performance accessible to kids as young as 4.

This provides children with the ultimate musical experience; playing music on stage in a rock band! In just a matter of weeks, your child will turn a rock & roll dream into a reality. Our Hope For Your Child So many people have painful memories of childhood music lessons.

We want your child to feel like playing an instrument is easy and fun and comes naturally. We want your child to step out of his or her first-class (I mean band practice) feeling proud and thinking “that was much easier than I thought.” We want your child to see how the seemingly impossible is possible.

We want your kid to feel on top of the world-like a rock star. Can’t wait to see your child at band practice!


$44 (Inclusive of GST)

Class Size

3-5 children


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