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"If a child can't learn the way we teach , maybe we should teach the way they learn"

Ignacio Estrada

COVID-19 Update

The Inner West Institue of Music is commited to creating and maintaining a safe studio space is an important part of our students’ experience. For more information please read this message from our director Victoria Jacono-Gilmovich

We're now accepting the Creative Kids rebate voucher.

Parents, guardians and carers can apply for a voucher with a value of up to $100 per calendar year for each student aged 4.5 to 18 years old enrolled in school.
Click here to apply, and learn more.


  • My daughter is loving her lessons with Alvart Apoyan...Alvart is cheerful , patient and very knowledgable!
  • Ben Li
    My daughter has been with Mrs.Nelly Jacono for the last two years. Nelly is a very kind and passionate educator. Her unique way of teaching not only laid a solid foundation for my daughter to achieve desired results, but more importantly made her truly appreciated the piano playing and music. Highly recommended to those who appreciate precision and beauty as a result of playing the piano.
    Ben Li
  • Dylan Khammarath Lam
    Nelly Jacano is a passionate and spectacular piano teacher that no one could possibly ask for more. I've started lessons with Nelly 8 years ago, and she has taught me and pushed me to my limits so i could be successful and happy. Nelly will push people to where she believes they have the potential to learn and exceed expectations. I have received high results in my AMEB piano exams and she is always preparing for more pieces and work to keep me busy and working hard. Nelly has always been an inspiration to me and i am glad to be her student
    Dylan Khammarath Lam
  • Nikita
    My name is Nikita,I have been having piano lessons from Nelly Jacono since I was in year two, so this is going to be my sixth year having lessons from Nelly. Ne...lly is merciless in the way of precision and perfection. She has tough love like my Mother as well as she knows when I have and haven't practiced. Nelly knows how to motivate me in my stubbornness and laziness. She is strong and firm and doesn't let you take her for granted. sometimes I felt like giving up and stop playing the piano, but my Mum wouldn't let me do that because she values Nelly very much. She knows my capability and won't except anything less. My achievements with Nelly are receiving honours and distinction (A,A+) in all my piano exams. I am willing to continue learning from Nelly even though I have to travel a 70km return trip from St Clair to Five Dock. Travelling more than an hour each way every week. Without Nelly I wouldn't be where I am today. Overall she is an amazing teacher.
  • Mitzuko Fujiwara
    My daughter has been having piano lessons with Nelly since she was 3 1/2 this is our 6th year with Nelly, I can't recommend her highly enough, love her firmness, commitment and her expectation of hard work and perfection from her students. Thank you for everything Nelly.
    Mitzuko Fujiwara
  • Amanda Reynolds
    Victoria has been an amazing teacher for our two sons. She has been engaging and patient and has provided the tailored individual attention that each has needed over the recent years. Victoria is clearly an accomplished performer and we're thankful that we found someone who is equally capable as a musician and teacher. Victoria's dedication and energy to support her students and the broader industry is inspiring. Highly recommended!
    Amanda Reynolds
  • Vicki Spoulos
    I travel from the Central Coast for my theory lessons with Victoria. Victoria is extremely knowledgable, friendly and makes learning easy -definitely one of the best! Highly recommend!!
    Vicki Spoulos
  • John Jarman
    Victoria is an excellent musician and teacher. As a older student she has proved invaluable in understanding the nuances of the older student.
    John Jarman
  • Helen Stavropoulos
    Victoria is not only an outstanding teacher but gets remarkable results from her students and makes the journey such a pleasurable one!
    Helen Stavropoulos
  • Lauren Shiow-feng Cassidy
    I've never met anyone as talented both performing violin as well as teaching !! I think it's such a hard skill because some teachers maybe only good at their own skills themselves but Victoria has the extra magic touch where she's soooooo caring, patient yet ambitious for children when teaching music to them to reach more than their potential. Highly recommend her to any parents who would like to learn music from her!!!! You'll never regret it!!!!
    Lauren Shiow-feng Cassidy
  • Andrew Chubb
    A great opportunity to learn from such an esteemed Australian musician.
    Andrew Chubb
  • Rosa Pulvirenti
    Amazing teacher with exceptional learning techniques including years of experience. HIGHLY recommended.
    Rosa Pulvirenti
  • Lina Chaston
    Excellent, experienced and inspiring teacher who is focused and wants the best for her students. We had a break and tried out other violin teachers and here we are back again because she is that excellent! I agree, Victoria is to be highly recommended for beginners and all levels.
    Lina Chaston
  • Stephanie Arrigo
    I nanny children, and we come weekly for both piano and violin lessons, both girls love the atmosphere created by Victoria and cannot wait to go to music lessons each week! They enjoy both the technical and non-technical side to each instrument, all taught in a way that excites the girls to want to continue playing and practice at home as well. Would definitely recommend for any children wanting to learn violin or piano!
    Stephanie Arrigo


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