Our Philosophy

At IWIM , we believe that a balanced attitude toward lifelong music learning should be encouraged in every person. The benefits of a music education have been well-documented and really should be considered as a necessary component of every child’s learning; but also, we know that the study of music enhances personal skills , such as patience, problem-solving, creativity, self-expression, concentration and memorization, to name a few.

Our students should be able to look forward to attending the lessons and practicing their instruments. IWIM’s teachers know how to adjust and tailor their teaching methods according to the learning style of the student…no two students are taught in exactly the same way!

We think that students should be guided through the challenges of learning new skills with patience and understanding. Everyone can enjoy playing a musical instrument at a level that is appropriate for the individual. Although not every student can expect to be able to perform music for the benefit of a paying audience, everyone can experience some success with a knowledge of music, even if just to learn to recognize a simple melody or some rhythms in music as listeners. A good music teacher does not look for future celebrities in the arts, but should regard every student as an individual star.

There are gaps in our culture that seem to become wider every year. Music and other arts can serve to show us that on a deep level we are basically all the same, with the same hopes and desires for happiness and understanding as all the world’s people. We hope to inspire participation in the arts for a lifetime.

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