Jhoan Sebastian


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Jhoan Sebastian is a multi-instrumentalist performer who has been working worldwide with new techniques and methodologies in music education and performance for more than 6 years in countries such as Argentina, Peru, Brazil and Colombia.

He has a Bachelor of Music degree with a major in composition at the Pontifical Xavierian University , alongside studies in woodwind instruments. He has conducted orchestras and chamber ensembles at the Foundation Youth Symphony Orchestra of Colombia, where he was a music teacher, teaching Saxophone, flute, double bass and piano, musical composition, Harmony, counterpoint, instrumentation, orchestration, and musical appreciation.

In 2018, Jhoan worked in China as part of the Zhejiang Haida International Education Ltd, teaching music and conducting in elementary schools in Xiashia at the Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone; mostly in Shanghai and Beijing.  This complemented his research in the development of multi-lingual skills through music.

Jhoan returned to Sydney in 2019, to continue working as a music teacher in a variety of schools and to perform in numerous groups , such as the Australian Medical Student Orchestra and The Macquarie Towns Symphony orchestra as a Double Bassist, and as a saxophonist/flautist/pianist in numerous concert bands and jazz ensembles. Jhoan is also finishing off a degree in Management at the Australin Pacific College.

Jhoan also directs socio-cultural programs for the Casaa Corporation since 2014 with aboriginal communities in South America, Asia and Australia and loves his sports activities in his spare time.