Rossella Fanelli


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Rossella Fanelli is a professional versatile singer from Italy, living in Sydney. She has been always focused on her singing career and she’s been working professionally for 10 years. She started to develop her vocal technique at the age of 13 studying vocals in the best jazz-pop schools of southern Italy and perfecting her music style at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London. In 2013 she got her master’s degree in Science of Performing Arts. Soon after she decided to attend a summer school at the University of Helsinki in Finland on History of Music to extend her knowledge.

Over the years she has been working in luxury hotels all over the world (Italy, Thailand, Madagascar) which gave her the possibility to travel all over and satisfying her endless curiosity for other cultures. During her time in Italy, she performed for 3 years and 200 shows in total as Beatrice for the national production Hell in the Cave, Dante Alighieri’s Inferno in the caves of Castellana.
She also worked as a singer for weddings and special events, performing as a solo artist, duo, trio, and bands.

She moved to Sydney 1.5 years ago and since then she’s performing for Italian communities for clubs and festivals (SBS Australia, Bankstown Sports Club, Club Marconi) and with her main music project Jazz Amore, bringing the vintage vibe of the Italian Era to parties and events.

As a singing teacher, she started teaching in 2011. Since then, she got very passionate about the human voice and the wide possibilities it has got to express. With her vocal coach Michele Fischietti (XFactor Italia, Sony, Universal) she discovered the speech-level singing.

This technique is been spread by Seth Riggs, Michael Jackson, and Barbra Streisand’s vocal coach. It is the most natural method for singers.  The goal is to sing effortlessly for the entire vocal range, smoothly refined all the natural breaks that we got between the vocal registers.

Michele Fischietti studied 5 years side by side with Seth Riggs learning the technique that he’s passing down to his students mixing it to the Italian Bel Canto notions as well.  This technique is valid for every music style and every age.