Antonia Touma

Antonia is a Violin Teacher in Sydney

Violin Teacher in Sydney

Antonia began learning the violin at the age of 6 and as her love of music started to develop instantly it was only a year later, in 2013, that she joined the Sydney Youth Orchestra’s Strings Program.

She is now a member of the SYO Philharmonic Orchestra as well as the Western Sydney Youth Orchestra. As part of SYO she has had the opportunity to participate in regional tours where she was able to contribute to the development of other young students’ love for music through interactive performances.

Her passion for chamber and orchestral repertoire and ensembles flourished after joining SYO, and continued during her time at Santa Sabina College where she was the concertmaster of both her school Chamber and Symphony Orchestras as well as joining smaller chamber ensembles including a Piano Trio and String Quartet.

During her time at Santa Sabina she was able to embrace her love of music and performing through opportunities including a European musical tour, where she played as part of a Symphony Orchestra in Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, and Prague.

She was also given the opportunity in 2021 to perform in the orchestra for her school’s production of the ‘Little Mermaid’ where she engaged deeper into a new form of musical performance.

In her final years in high school she became the College’s Arts Prefect and completed her IBDP where she took up the Music HL course, composing a number of pieces, one of which was performed at her schools’ Gala Concert, as well as learning to use a loop pedal for an electric violin.

Antonia also volunteers at her local church where she works with the young parishioners who are beginning on their instrument and have formed a string ensemble providing music for Sunday mass services.