Teacher Blog – What’s in my Music Bag?

I’ve always been a big fan of the classic “what’s in my bag” posts because they make me realise that I’m not the only one who has a bit of disorder in my life! My music bag is pretty much my go-to everyday bag.. so I thought it would be cool to go through all the stuff that comes with me every day!

  1. My bag: I am a huge backpack person, and my Herschel backpack has been repurchased about 7 times. I LOVE this thing. It has a fleece lining for my laptop and is big enough for me to throw all my folders and sheet music into without it getting crushed up. 
  2. iPad with ForScore: For me, as a music teacher, an iPad is a necessity. Mine is an iPad air 2, and it comes with me everywhere. Nowadays the battery is losing it a little bit, and the screen is cracked, but I can still read the hundreds of pages of sheet music I have stored on this thing. The app ForScore is really the only organiser I have ever needed. It organises and sub-categorises my music in such an ingenious way, and has cool features like a metronome and built-in piano that I use all the time.
  3. Folders: For my actual sheet music, I like to use two ring binders that aren’t too big. I keep a small hole punch so I can get all my sheets together. I especially like binders over plastic A4 display folders because they are easier to read under fluorescent light, and you can write on them without having to pull the sheets out. Very handy if you only have half an hour in your lesson!
  4. Pencil Case with Highlighters and LOTS of pencils! – pretty self explanatory. Mine looks like this: Super Cute, right!
  5. Schedule: As a music teacher the most important item in my bag isn’t even related to music, it’s my SCHEDULE. I need to keep track of a lot of you kiddies ad for the most part, I use iCal on my iPad with backup on mymusicstaff.com