BACK TO SCHOOL – A music checklist!

It’s Back to School for all of our K-12 littlies this week, and we have felt the excitement from the tiniest kindergarteners just starting their first week, to our fabulous teens about to tackle their HSC year. It’s one of the best times of the year and here at IWIM we are so excited to see what all of you are going to accomplish in 2018.

But the first week of school can be just as overwhelming for parents as it is for the kiddies, and music lessons can often be overlooked! To make the process a bit easier for everyone, we have put together a checklist to make sure your child is set up for a wonderful year exploring his/her instrument and the world of music.


  1. AMEB ENROLLMENTS: Enrollments close on March 5 this year, so if you’ve been thinking about doing an AMEB exam in 2018, make sure you talk to your teacher this week so they can enroll you before the deadline.
  2. STOCK UP ON SUPPLIES:Every Good Musician Deserves Folders. And reeds. And water bottles. And writing books. Make sure you have everything you need for your first lesson or you’ll have to F.A.C.E a grumpy teacher! (Also chat with your teacher about which strings/rosin/reeds you will need this year)
  3. CHECK FOR BOOK UPGRADES: if you are about t0 finish your current workbook, chat to your teacher and have them order you the next book in advance! That way there will be no pause in learning during the year, especially great once it gets busy!
  4. CLEAN YOUR INSTRUMENT: Something else that often gets overlooked, always make sure to start the year with a squeaky clean instrument. Whether this means wiping down your keyboard with anti-bacterial wipes, or just making sure your voice is in Ship-shape! Instrument maintenance means less option of a breakdown halfway through the term.
  5. GET INVOLVED!: This year IWIM has so many opportunities for you or your little one to perform! Whether it’s the mid-year or annual concert, instrument petting zoo, or our brand new Junior Vocal Academy in Term 2! Music is more fun if you’ve got people to share it with!

On behalf of all the staff at IWIM, we wish you a healthy and happy start to Term 1! Let’s Do This!!