Feature Music Student – Estelle

Violin lessons for young children

Welcome to Summer! And with Thanksgiving just behind us, it’s a great time to be thankful for the many opportunities we lucky ducks get to be a part of. This week we thought we would be thankful for the achievements of our wonderful students! And we are starting with the beautiful Estelle.


At just 5 years of age, young Estelle is already shaping up to be a seriously top-quality musician. Although she’s only been playing for less than two years, Estelle has taken like a duck to water thanks to the incredible teaching staff here at Inner West Institute of Music. Estelle dabbled in the violin when she was 3 and a half but wasn’t really engaged until just before she started school when she started weekly violin lessons with Alvart Apoyan.

Before she started lessons Estelle was fairly shy, but otherwise a normal, shy pre-schooler with a wealth of vocabulary and reading skills to build on. You certainly wouldn’t say recognise her now: she’s chatty, confident and very sociable.

Since starting violin, Estelle has found a real joy in not only creating music but performing in general. Estelle was quick to add piano lessons and speech and drama lessons to her afterschool activities and has already sat a number of AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) examinations with top results.

Estelle’s parents also believe that her reading has come leaps and bounds in kindergarten, and are confident that this was propelled by her music studies. Thanks to her love of performing, Estelle was chosen to appear on a segment of PlaySchool and is keen to try other opportunities to perform.

All this for just 5 years old! We’re so proud of Estelle and the hard work that’s been done in the studio and at home. When she’s not at the violin or piano, she’s listening to everything from The Beatles to Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusic! Quite the versatile listening palette for such a young age!

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Have a fantastic week!