Featured Student – Isabel de Sousa

Our Featured Student for this week is the lovely, bright and bubbly Isabel de Sousa! Isabel has been learning piano with Jessica Westcott for just under a year and she is loving it! She is impressing everyone with her focus and commitment to practice.


Name: Isabel de Sousa

Age: 7

Year at School: Year 1

Instrument: Piano

Favourite piece to play: The Old Cotton Picker and New World Symphony

Favourite Food: Spaghetti!!!!!!!!

What do you want to be when you grow up? A person who looks after puppies (I love puppies!!)

My favourite toy is named Bobby! He’s a beagle.

I practice twice or three times a week, I practice with Mum and Dad (but not Dad that much!) and I love it! My piano is an electric piano and I like trying all the different sound like “organ” and “vibes”.

I have two sisters, but they are much younger and I’m the only one who plays an instrument right now. When my sister is 6 she’ll be able to play the drums! I love piano though.

I love singing, and I sing with my mum at home, I like to sing my piano pieces and annoy my family!

Favourite colour is RAINBOW