How music lessons benefit Homeschooling families

How music lessons benefit Homeschooling families

Home education is a legally recognised alternative to enrolling a child in school in all Australian states and territories.  Across Australia, there are around 20,000 homeschooled students and the numbers are growing. (

You need to be registered to participate in homeschooling and must be able to demonstrate that a plan is in place which aligns with the national education curriculum.

Many homeschool parents struggle specifically with teaching music to their children as they may have little or no experience in the subject. Inner West Institute of Music offers lessons to children in a wide range of instruments (including singing) and settings to help you meet the requirements of the curriculum. We believe that learning music from someone other than the primary homeschooling teacher can be beneficial for several reasons.


Gain a different perspective with a professional teacher

If the primary homeschooling teacher has no practical experience with an instrument, then having lessons is a great way to help you meet your curriculum requirements. Our teachers can ensure that your child is enjoying music in a relaxed environment, meeting the individual needs of your child.

With private music lessons, children are also exposed to a broader knowledge base and different types of music than what the primary teacher is often able to provide. Our teachers come from a wide background and many with current performance experience.

Extend the private lessons into your homeschool education plan

Having one 30 minute lesson a week with one of our teachers won’t meet all your requirements. You could also allocate time to practicing, experimenting and enjoying your child’s instrument as well. However you choose to schedule your homeschooling day, music can always quickly and easily become part of it.

Greater choice of lesson times

Homeschooling families have the flexibility to schedule paid activities at off-peak times of the day. This means that they have a greater variety of times available to them. This gives homeschooling families the flexibility to work into your current schedule.

More in depth than just listening to music

Children will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of music if they are playing, rather than just listening to music (although this is a great option too!). Being immersed in an instrument has all kinds of benefits {LINK} for your child across various Key Learning Areas.

Integrate with other Key Learning Areas

Learning an instrument will open all kinds of enquiry for your child. You could use the music lessons as an opportunity to expand on learning through projects about composers, musical history or instruments.

These projects have the flexibility to be able to integrate with your own teachings, plans and philosophies.

Helps you to meet the national and NSW curriculum requirements

Homeschooling requires a commitment to meet the national curriculum. Music lessons will help you meet the NSW primary education Key Learning Area of Creative and Practical Arts (including dancing and music). Music lessons for secondary aged children fall under the elective components of the curriculum of Creative and Practical Arts.

Homeschooling is a choice that more and more families are opting for. Private music lessons can be utilised as an integral part of your homeschooling registration requirements and an opportunity for your child to learn and grow in a personalised way.

Contact Inner West Institute of Music if you would like to investigate further how private music lessons can work for your homeschooled child.