Some surprising benefits of learning the drums as an adult

Learning the drums as an adultDrums are one of the most historically significant musical instruments. They have been used for thousands of years in ceremonies, wars, spiritual and symbolic ways. They have been used as a communication tool over long distances and now form the cornerstone of every good band!

Learning how to drum is a valuable skill, especially as an adult. You would be surprised at how learning to drum can benefit you. Here are a few key benefits of learning the drums as an adult.

Reduce tension or stress

When I think of a drummer, I often conjure up an image of Animal from The Muppets. You know the one? The orange guy with red hair and beard who goes wild when playing his drums! Can you imagine the joy of releasing the tension of a stressful day at work whilst going crazy on the drums? It is far more effective than punching a pillow (or yelling at the kids). A drumming session will allow you to deal with your emotions, become more present in the moment and help leave you a calmer and less stressed person.

Be the cool parent

This one is probably a little cliché but believe me there is nothing cooler than someone who plays the drums! A drummer will receive instant brownie points with their children and their friends. They may not know Phil Collins or even Dave Grohl, but they do know that drummers are the cool ones! Drumming will help you connect with the younger generation, which is so important as your children navigate their teenage years.

Branch out into other percussion instruments

Learning how to maintain a beat, and keep precise time is a skill that is needed for a whole range of instruments. These skills can be used for any instruments, but particularly percussion instruments. Learning how to drum will open the door to a whole new world of instruments and musical challenges.

Creative expression

There is nothing more individual than drumming. The same piece of music can be interpreted by different drummers in a myriad of ways. Drumming becomes an extension of you through your creative expression. Anything goes when you drum!

Be a role model

We are always encouraging our children to try new things. What better way to show them how it’s done, than trying something new yourself!


For many, drumming is a symbol of community, friendship and coming together. Drumming circles are a good example of this. Drumming gives you the opportunity to make new friends and see where your individual musical creativity can take you as a whole.

If you’re looking for a fun activity or a sense of community that feeds the mind, body and soul, then come along to our group adult drum sessions. You will learn basic beats, how to play different types of drums and also get to thrash out a Phil Collins session on the drum kit! You can email for more information.