The benefits of continuing lessons online in times of uncertainty

Remote music lessons via video conferencing and screen sharing

Remote music lessons via video conferencing and screen sharingWhen things seem a little chaotic in our environment, one way to feel like we have some control is to stick to our routines. They can give us a sense of certainty and familiarity, especially for our children. No doubt their school life has been turned upside down and many of their activities have now been cancelled or postponed. They can’t even hang our with their friends in person anymore!

At Inner West Institute of Music we have decided to take our classes online as we see a range of benefits for our students.

Continual opportunity for growth

Giving our children the best possible opportunity for musical and creative growth is our goal. Whether the student has been learning for 1 week or 10 years, ceasing lessons will disadvantage their growth and slow their improvement as a musician. We want to encourage children to continue to love music and be life-long learners.

Students may even have extra time on their hands to practise now as many of their other extra-curricular activities would have been cancelled (not to mention the saving of travel time!).

Music as a calming and uplifting influence

I can not stress enough the power of keeping to a routine and keeping learning up even when stuck at home as a way of staying positive. Continuation of lessons can not only be educational, but uplifting as well. And I say this from personal experience.

When my brother passed away at a young age, I locked myself away in my bedroom for two weeks straight and did nothing but practise. I found relief in music. It was a time of turmoil but also an incredible incline in my progress as a violinist and a student, which I believe led me to where I am now. It was the act of needing to show up to a weekly violin lesson that kept me going.

Continue relationship with teacher

Our wonderful teachers at Inner West Institute of Music have embraced our new online teaching style with passion and purpose. Continuing the relationship between student and teacher not only helps with musical progress, but also gives students connection with another adult. In times of high stress and working from home, we understand the strain that this can place on your relationship with your children. Having another adult to be able to interact with is a blessing for everyone!

Introduces new skills

In face to face lessons, there is more demonstration from the teacher in terms of stance, posture, finger positioning and pointing to music. With online lessons where this physical demonstration can be a little bit more difficult, there is more discussion and verbal explanation between the teacher and student.

This helps your child with their listening, comprehension and interpretation skills as they need to carefully listen to the teacher’s instructions and interpret what they are supposed to be doing or correcting.

Similarly children are required to verbally articulate and listen to teachers explain musical terms more frequently in an online lesson, further enhancing their musical growth.

Whilst the first few online lessons may involve getting your set up and technology right and being in the room to help and guide younger students, we are confident that after the first few lessons that they will be able to largely navigate an entire lesson one on one.

Inner West Institute of Music teachers are confident with our new online technology and are looking forward to continuing their relationship with your child. If you’d like to take up online lessons please get in contact with us here.