Why private lessons should be tailored to the student

Music teacher instructing student during a private lesson

A good music teacher does not look for future celebrities in the arts, but should regard every student as an individual star.

Music teacher instructing student during a private lessonWe believe that music education should be considered a necessary component of every child’s learning. It’s well documented that music education benefits personal and social skills including creativity, self-confidence, concentration, and problem-solving.

Learning a new instrument is an exhilarating experience, but it can be challenging. At IWIM, we believe our students should look forward to attending their lessons and practicing their instruments however, we also understand that each student is unique and learns in a different way. Here’s some reasons why we believe that lessons should not be a one-size-fits-all approach.

Focus on strengths

Our lessons also allow students to explore any area of individual skill and strength. While they’ll still need to focus on the core fundamentals of their music education (and practice their scales!), they also have the opportunity to pursue their own musical tastes. This method of learning is naturally motivating and will foster a lifelong love and appreciation of music.


The number one reason we provide private lessons is to allow you and your children to enjoy music. If you thrive on discipline and theory then heading down the AMEB exam path will bring them most enjoyment. If you prefer to learn popular, more modern music then that’s what a tailored lesson will focus on.

Learning styles

Some people are aural, some are visual, some are hands-on and like to be shown the specifics. A tailored lesson adapts to your learning style, whatever that may look like, which then leads to further enjoyment. Our teachers are adaptable and flexible in their teaching styles to ensure that you get the most from every lesson.


Private tailored lessons provide each student with 1:1 attention. This helps build discipline and accountability. There’s nowhere to hide if they haven’t practiced! While this may sound daunting, it also gives students a strong sense of wellbeing as it is time, just for them, to meet with their teacher and focus on their goals and interests.

Quick fixes

Similarly, a student’s teacher can quickly identify and provide specific guidance to areas they may be struggling with. Each student is given individual attention to equip them with the skills to understand and overcome any challenges in their learning now and in the future.

Private tailored music lessons enable each student to be guided through the challenge of learning a musical instrument in a way that piques their interest and is, most importantly, fun and enjoyable. Our teachers are experts at adjusting and tailoring their teaching methods to compliment the learning style and interests of each student – no two students are taught in exactly the same way!

If you’d like to talk with us more about our teaching methods and how we can tailor a lesson just for you or your child, please contact us.