The Benefits of Learning Music as a Family

Adam with Sylvie and Henry

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

When you share music with others, it becomes a whole new life experience. Whether it’s busking with a friend, playing in an orchestra or band, or dancing the night away, the fun and joy of music is amplified.

We love it at Inner West Institute of Music when children from the same family learn an instrument with us. To be able to go home and play together is a fantastic bonding experience. We love it even more when parents get involved too! From our experience, learning music together has so many benefits for your family.


Suzi and her two daughters learn violin at Inner West Institute of Music. She can see how it affects the family in so many positive ways. “It’s an opportunity to encourage each other to keep learning new things, keep trying new challenges, and inspire each other with new achievements. It’s also something playful and fun to do together.”

Clara and her seven year old daughter have recently started lessons together with teacher Darius Kaperonis. Clara’s grandfather was a concert violinist in Italy. He has passed away, but she loves that there is a family connection with an instrument and that she is continuing to pass this joy through the generations. “It feels wonderful to feel that we are carrying on the family tradition!”

Learning new skills

Clara also sees the benefit in learning a new skill with her daughter. “She can see that I’m not perfect, that I make mistakes and that’s okay. As adults we’re often hard on ourselves and we can become set in our ways and reticent about learning something new. But watching her fearlessly tackle something challenging is an inspiration.”

Downtime together

Playing music together is also a great way to unwind and relax. In our fast-paced lives we don’t often gift ourselves moments of relaxation, let alone relax as a family! Being able to sing, pick up an instrument and find a way to make music together is just as much about slowing down as it is making memories together.

Director of Inner West Institute of Music, Victoria Jacono-Gilmovich says “after a busy week of running our own businesses, school and activities, it is special to take to moment as a family to be together. We all play our instruments and even if it’s just a few chords, it is a fun way to connect and spend quality time together.”

Makes you feel good

Adam and his two children recently started ‘jam’ sessions with Jason Ford at our Balmain Studio. In addition to the family feeling uplifted from achieving something as a team, after only two lessons he noticed something quite remarkable.

“One morning before lessons we were all a little tired and grumpy. I was wondering whether we would enjoy our lessons as much as we had previously. Amazingly, as soon as we stepped into that room with Jason, everything changed. The cloud lifted, and we all were immersed in learning together, trying different combinations, singing and laughing. Music is such a great mood changer for the family!”

You don’t need to be able to play an instrument professionally to enjoy music as a family. Pick up a tambourine, maracas or break out the wooden spoons to rock out to a tune on Spotify! If you are interested in learning an instrument or would like to know how you can have fun with your family at Inner West Institute of Music, contact us here. We have a range of teachers to suit all personalities and styles.

Clara and Sienna