Tips for a successful audition

Playing as part of an ensemble is a fun and rewarding experience, but the audition process can be nerve-wracking, even for the most experienced musicians.

Here are some handy tips to help you through the nerves and set you up to perform to the best of your ability.


Be prepared

It sounds obvious, but if you’ve done everything you can to set yourself up for success, you’ll feel much more confident and less nervous, so start preparing early.

Write down the date and requirements for your audition. For video submissions, make a note of the deadline for your video and note all the video requirements. We also recommend practising recording your video, as it can be trickier than you think!


Prepare audition materials

Audition requirements vary from group to group. Carefully read through what you need to do for your audition and prepare all the elements required. Gather any orchestral excerpts you may need to play, scales and chose any pieces you’d like to play. Find out if there is any sight reading or aural components to your audition.



Bring your music to your music lessons. At IWIM you’ll have the added benefit of having your teacher support and guide you through the audition process as you prepare for your audition. Your teacher will also be able to assist you with any aural components and help you practice sight reading.

When you practice at home, don’t over practice. If you put too much pressure on yourself, the fun disappears, and you’ll become less motivated to learn the pieces. Instead, practice an extra 15 minutes extra a day on your audition pieces until you are comfortable with them. Of course, if you are having fun and want to practice more, go for it!

If you are recording your audition, take some time to also practice recording including all the requirements such as stating your name, instrument and introducing each piece clearly.


Calm the nerves

Auditioning can be nerve-wracking, so before your audition, it’s a good idea to learn some techniques that help you relax. Take some time each day to practice some deep breathing exercises, meditation or use an app designed to calm the mind. Exercise is also a great way to burn off pent up energy and clear your mind.


The day before

The day before your audition or recording, gather all your audition materials and set them aside in a safe place so you know where they are. If you are attending an in-person audition, double-check the location and time and work out how long it will take to get to your audition. Plan to leave a little earlier than required so if you get stuck in traffic, you won’t be rushing to get there.

Eat a good healthy dinner and try to get a good night’s sleep.


On the day

On the day of your audition or recording, have a healthy breakfast and have a final run-through of your audition pieces. We also recommend you take 10 minutes to practice your calming techniques before you leave.

For recording your video, let everyone in your family know that you are going to record your audition and to not disturb you, then find a nice quiet location free of distractions and noise and commence recording.

Being prepared and not rushed will give you the best chance of having an audition you will be proud of. Even if you aren’t successful in being offered a place, preparing for and attending an audition gives you valuable experience, which is a success in itself!

If you’d like to explore group playing opportunities for you or your child, contact us.