Why you should encourage your kids to busk

Why you should encourage your kids to busk

Busking is a fun activity for kids and is encouraged in most local area councils. In Inner West Council permits are free and Sydney City Council there is a small fee depending on the length of your permit. Besides earning some pocket money for a rainy day, there are some great reasons why you should be encouraging your kids to busk.



What better way to feel proud of your musical achievements! Not only is your child able to refine their performance skills, but they are also getting immediate feedback from their audience. Standing in front of a crowd is a great confidence booster.

Practise makes perfect

Busking is a fun and different way to practise your instrument. It is an opportunity to expand your repertoire and experiment with different styles of music, depending on your audience.

Music is more than just exams and formal performances

Busking teaches children that music can be enjoyed in many ways. It exposes them to a more casual environment where people are passing by, rather than sitting, watching them for extended periods.

Preparation and self sufficiency

Busking is not just about finding a street corner and playing! There is preparation required in the form of organising permits, finding the right spot, preparing a repertoire and making sure that you look the part!

Teaches value of money

How many times do we tell our children that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’? This is a great opportunity to begin to teach children the value of earning money, responsibility and practicing gratitude.

Connection to the community

Busking encourages children to feel part of the local community. It gives them an opportunity to give back with their music (and hopefully get a few coins in return!) It shows your child how their gift can bring enjoyment to others. Feeling like you’re part of something bigger gives you a greater sense of purpose and connection.

Fun with friends

Encourage your child to make a greater impact by getting a group together to perform. A bigger group may mean a smaller profit, but you’ll have fun in the process. Make sure you have at least one practice session together before your performance.


Keen to give busking a go? Here are our 5 steps to a successful busking outing:

  1. Contact your local council to enquire about permits: For more information on permits check the websites for Inner West Council and Sydney City Council
  2. Find a great spot: try the entrance to a grocery store or a plaza. Somewhere that has a lot of foot traffic
  3. Pick the perfect time: think about when people are usually around. The peak times are usually around 5pm when people are leaving work, or on the weekend
  4. Have a repertoire: try to aim for 1 hour worth of material. Playing the same music over and over won’t win over your audience
  5. Have fun!

Christmas is a great time to busk as there are plenty of people around and people tend to be in a more festive and giving spirit! If you’re thinking of busking this year, talk to your teacher in advance so you can be well prepared.