Indira Jongsma

Piano and Guitar teacher, Five Dock Sydney

Kidzrock, Piano and Guitar Teacher in Sydney’s Inner West

Indira Jongsma has had a passion for music from a young age. As a toddler she was singing along to Kylie Minogue, experimenting with her xylophone and pinecones from the park; performing for her family at any chance she got. At age 5 she was playing recorder at school and started piano lessons at 7. Later, she started teaching herself guitar at age 14.

Indira first started learning music through non-traditional methods. Her first lessons in music opened her up to understanding music through patterns and she used this knowledge to explore the combinations of sounds that excited her. Music soon became an opportunity for creative experimentation; her musical ear strengthened  and she came to value her own agency in performance and composition. A humanistic approach to music is a philosophy she continues to embody.

Indira also has a keen interest in child psychology and past experience working with young children. She is passionate about the way musical expression can give enrich a child’s sense of identity.

Currently, Indira is undertaking a degree in music composition at the Conservatorium of Music and aspires to writing music for film and orchestras.